Hi Maeran,

That's a snazzy looking one? is it for WOFF?

I can't say the Shorthorn is all mine, as it owes a bit of it's 3D and textures to Fighter Squadron WWI, but I made the Renault 8C for it and the improved interior and the Renault 12C for the Biz A version, I'm also making a Voison LA III and a H-Farman 20.

I like really old WWI Lattice tail planes. You can't get any barmier than that. wacky

It's kind of a shame 'cause OFF has both Belfort and Belfort-Chaux and they were both M-Farman aerodromes of great reputation, and I'd love to fly a Farman squad out of Belfort.

Does anyone know if WOFF has MF-25's aerodrome at Vadelaincourt?

Barmy OFFer in questionable standing, maybe collapsed in a corner?

Join the few, the touched, the moon spacklers.