CAN'T WE JUST GET TO THE (virtual) DRINKING?!?! wink biggrin

Cavalier, I'd give my eyeteeth to have been able to help with one of my granddaughters. What her mother & a couple others in my circle have done to that girl is just about enough to get me swinging, and I mean "bar room roundhouse" style. Make the most of it.

Box: Win7 Pro 64 bit / I72600K @4.1 GHz / EVGA GTX1080Ti/ 16GB RAM / Corsair 240 GB SSD / WD 600 GB Velociraptor / 1050W Power
FS Stuff: Saitek X52 Pro Stick/Throttle & Combat Rudder Pedals, TrackIR 5
Sims: FSX Gold, REX 2.0 OD, UTX-NA, FSGenesis 10m mesh/ CFS3 ETO 1.40/Wings Over Flanders Fields Ultimate Edition (more gorgeous than ever!)
Proud BOC inductee 4/30/12!