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MFair, do you have a cannon?

I get a kick out of having fun on the 4th of July. Don't have a proper historical type cannon, justy hillbilly rig something for fun. I love that old green fuse that burns underwater....love hate with the beavers...

I used to have a Naval 2 pounder. That is until the sheriff drove up and told me he had reports of someone "shooting off heavy artillery". I told him that it was not me because my cannon was only a 2 pounder. He was not amused. While it was not illegal I quit so that I would not piss off whoever it was I had upset. Mind you this is way out in the country. Sold it to a fellow that does pyrotechnic shows. A friend that passed away a few years back had 9 Rev. War cannons and mortars. Not originals. Don't know what happened to his collection, but we really drew a crowd at the range.

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