I have MORE than begun to have my computer "optimized". Besides myself I have even had our resident "techie" who is an avid gamer and programmer pick apart my computer and experiment with countless settings. He has scratched his head raw trying to figure it out. We went over all of the FAQs repeatedly as well as all of the helpful ideas by fellow WOFFers like myself who were experiencing similar crashes.I have read EVERY post pertaining to this problem in all of the Forums. All of the Dx9 shaders have been successfully installed on my computer. After giving him free reign we (he!) finally got it! Success! My computer had been optimized by a wily computer veteran!
Postscript. The game worked like a charm for 97 campaign missions, different pilots, different years-yes I actually counted the missions. Then without warning, no updates (my computer is offline)no mods, no installations of ANY programs, it began happening again. Now every second to third mission ends in a screen freeze crash.
If WOFF was not such a fascinating game, I would have given up on it months ago. However, I have been on the WOFF OFF scene since 2006 and will continue to play this great game. It will however have to be done with the shaders off.