Is there any tutorial for this game at all?

I bought it, installed it, and started it up... then I'm dropped into my dingy Self Land hangar with my Mustang Alpha. Just walking to the ship made me sick as they decided shaking the camera was necessary to show you that you were walking. Great. Luckily, the ship was very nice so it was worth the walk. OOoooh! I can interact with some parts of the ship. Left-click... nope. Right-click? Nope. Space bar? Nah. Enter? Nope. An eternity later, I figured out it was the F key. Okay.

Anyway, I decide to go do some pew-pew and promptly got lost in the process. Okay, I got fixed weapons..... but they looked like they were on a turret of some sort so why are they not tracking my enemies?

I got a sinking feeling that KB/Mouse users have the upper hand on this game compared to one using a HOTAS.

Please help me get my bearings with this game or I might well be asking for a refund in a week. mycomputer

Luckily, I'm having a bit of fun with racing.

- Ice