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Something that's kind of confounded us on the Baloogan Campaign Chat is the operational status of the 40N6 missile for the SA-21/S-400. Have you been able to find even mock-up images of the missile? Do you think it would require a 2 tube TEL like the SA-23B/9M92M?

I have not seen 40N6, but I believe that it fits to the standard "300P" type missile container.

From kinematic point of view, even the Mach7 48N6 (missile of the S-300PMU-1 SA-20A) can fly (ballistic) over 300km.
The problem is the fire control radar (still a PESA) maximum target acquisition range, and the endgame target illumination for the SAGG.

Don't you mix it with the S-500 system? (Russian THAAD)

Great reading from Sean...

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Free SAM Simulator, "Realistic to the Switch"

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