I am sort of stuck in a pattern and want to mix it up for my little girl a bit more. I do a mean spag bog, killer hotdogs, awesome home made schnitzel (none of that pre made supermarket gunk), homemade salad and potato bake, just getting into learning how to make a good tasting rissole and she likes good steak, eye fillet only of course rolleyes and the old fall back, sausages, mash and peas. Friday night is takeout so pizza or Maccas (blerch) but i need a couple of quick things that are good and healthy that i can whip up when i couldn't be bothered spending an hour or more doing some of the meals. Sometimes i am super lazy and we do pancakes biggrin or we just fry up some bacon and eggs with fried tomatoes and toast.

Hit me your quick dinner ideas if you have any !

Do nots - Carrots are a no no as is brocoli and brussel sprouts. They are her three 'not eating that' foods.

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