Can someone tell me what is up with SC? Particularly with the pricing --- some ships sell at $36, $54, and so on with packages going up into thousands of $$$. Is this becoming a "pay-to-win" game? The same thing happened in MWO --- oh, you like this mech and that mech and that mech? It'll be $50 per mech or if you want the whole package, it's $500! We'll even throw in this gold-plated mech for free! (or something like that)

Also, what's the current status of the game? What exactly can you do in Arena Commander? Has anyone flew their ships yet or did some pew-pew with it?

I really like some of the ship designs in SC but I cannot wrap my head around the pricing system. In Elite, it was one price for pre-orders and you got the game and a free Eagle ship, it was another price for getting the game after release and no freebie ship, and that was it. Not one price for a Sidewinder, another price for an Eagle, and certainly not a "oh, you want to start the game with an Anaconda and a Type-9 and a Python? That'll be $300 for this game please!"

- Ice