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using joystester2 is harder to see,
but yes, it does gives me the same changing sensor values.

OK. Using Joytester2 you eliminate problem with JoySetup embed tester.


I also try changing the old magnet that I got from dvd player
to a stronger one: 10mm x 10mm x 10mm cube neodymium magnet.

I suggest exchange mangetes or axis connections to isolate problem with magnets - a squad mate owner or X-52 notice that one of his magnets became rush and dont work properly. Replace the magnet solve the problem.


however, with the new one I get lesser values,

If you still have issues, after exchange axis connection in Arduino board - for confirm that the problem is related with board input and not with HALL/Magnet assembly, rest the board as source of the problem, they can be defective.

These DIY HALL assembly involve a lot of (tedious) magnets positions experimentation/test. smile

I have a case in Suncom conversion that the axis became inverted. smile

My next try will be with this TLE.. sensor, despite the PCB building need, looks more "PnP. wink