Hi Brandano,

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, I am aware that HALL sensor can not reach the full range.
But I have used HALL with 2 of my joysticks,
and on one of them I can get rather the sensor values rather close to full range:

x axis: 96 - 4068
y axis: 100 - 4060
this is with A1302.

Using this joystick with the current mmjoy is very precise,
and when testing it in joy-tester after I calibrate it,
I find the values are stable, they do not change.

However, on my other joystick, the one that I change to S495A,
I only get around:
x axis: 300 - 3800
y axis: 300 - 3800

With this values, mmjoy does not seem can use it correctly.
Even after I calibrate it, the maximum and minimum values always get smaller after a while,
like I write here:

If I understand correctly,
using HALL sensor with less than full range should not be a problem with mmjoy,
since values get stretched to 0-4096 after calibration.

However with the second joystick,
after calibration, the stretched value is 0-4096 for a while,
then after I move the stick,
the values always decrease, like this:

first, just after calibration: 0 - 4096 (perfect!).
then, after a few moves : 100 - 4096 (it started to change)
then, move it a few more : 200 - 3900 (more changes)
then, move it a few more : 400 - 3700 (more changes)
(this is an approximation since the real value always changes a little bit)

so the max and min values always changes,
but it is getting smaller all the time.

it might be a bug with mmjoy?
or there is something wrong with the sensor or my setup?