Hi Guys,

I have just changed my hall sensor from A1302 to S495A

My joystick is CH Combatstick.
I have measured the angle movement:
for x axis, it is around 60 degrees from extreme left to right.
for y axis, it is bigger: around 70 degrees from extreme up to down.

using this setup:

with A1302, I can use it right away, no problem here.

However, with ss495a, now I find its max angle movement is too small for y axis,
I have not moved the stick to its extreme down position,
but the sensor value has already reached 0.
the same with max up position (around 4060).
the maximum angle movement for s495a is around 55-60 degrees.

Since my max angle movement for y axis is around 70 degrees,
what should I do to make the angle movement of the sensor bigger?
Please advise.