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HA! I feel like Grandpa McCoy after a hard day's work, that's for sure. We sit out on our swing before we head in, and by the time I get up I've stiffened up so bad, and so many times I've fetched my arms up the way he used to and imitated him, "Well, little Luke, I guess we'd best be headin' in - if I could just get this pitchfork outta my ***!"

I don't know where you're located, but any more, with coyotes and bigger cats making a comeback, it's probably a good idea to keep a shotgun handy, maybe even just like the old West, in your saddle! Criminee, I'm in an area that's not really rural, patches of woods and housing plans, and we have coyotes here!

HumanDrone,coyotes we have plenty of. You can sit on the porch and here their song every night. Black bears are making a comeback. You hear rumors of big cats but no proof. Located in the deep south USA. as for keeping a 6 shooter in the saddle, you can shoot off 4 of my 5 mounts. If you have ever tried Cowboy Mounted Shooting it is a rush! FYI, you can shoot off of any horse......Once!

FYI, you can shoot off of any horse......Once! biggrin

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