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Never said there was not much drinking in there. Just said "I" was not much of a drinker. Only rule was "No Rude Behavior".

So.....I take it the idea of saloon dancing girls is out! biggrin

That is a pretty nice Saloon you built. Is it primarily a party room?

Well if there were Robert, that bartender would be using the knife on my throat! I have entertained the idea though. We have had a few small get togethers there but mainly used to sit and ponder on the world.

To get back on topic, so to speak, if someone has a rotary engine lamp, a Fokker rudder, a few fuselage fabric scraps with serial numbers, and a gun or two. I guess we would need a Sopwith rudder also, would not want Olham to not feel welcome. I think I could come up with a dandy Officers Bar. Like I say, it could be the Official BOC Meeting House. A piano would be nice too. Can anyone in BOC bang on the ivories?

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