CatKnight, your credential will most certainly qualify you for membership. AYE! oooooooo, my head ... shouldn't have shouted that. For the rest of the morning all discussions and votes shall be kept at a whisper. And yes, we have a bar CK and you have a bar tab as of several hours ago that has already grown to quite an impressive amount. You'll want to talk to the barkeep about settling up on that.

MFair, I petitioned on your behalf earlier here so you were voted in last night at some point during the proceedings, though just when is a bit fuzzy.

Yes, so then, if my calculations are correct, we've five new members to our cadre. Please welcome fellow Barmy OFFers MFair, Nietzsche, Raine, lederhosen, and CatKnight. Your names will be added to our Roll Call of the Barmy and you'll each be receiving your acceptance letters and club badges. But not until I've found the bromo and gotten several cups of coffee in me. And someone collect up all these beer-soaked sweaters and hang them outside, I damned near broke my neck slipping on one of them earlier this - oh - never mind, that one's mine.


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Three RFC Brass Hats were strolling down a street in London. Two walked into a bar, the third one ducked.

Former Cold War Warrior, USAF Security Service 1974-1978, E-4, Morse Systems Intercept, England, Europe, and points above.
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