I would certaily ask to join this illustrious group, and offer the following for your perusal:

Article 10: Not only do I mutter 'rat-a-tat' at cars that cut me off, I do so at cars that are too slow, and whenever I simply feel like it. The only way I can go on roller coasters is if I can focus on the seat in front of me and pretend I'm pursuing it through the turns, guns blazing.

Article 5: While I have not completely 'checked my six' in a vehicle, I have caught myself slowly sweeping my head from left to right, looking for cars at longer range.

Article 1: I have indeed seen WOFF in every day occurrences or straying into my thoughts: For example, I've more than once thought a project's chance of success at work was about equal to a Fokker E.III vs. a Camel.

(If not worse.)

Article 4: We won't even talk about my desk, the maps I've actually managed to put away for much, the Joystick my wife is constantly pushing aside so she can get to her 'games', enough dice to make Gary Gygax of D&D fame proud, and character/squadron notes.

Article 17: Many times I've regalled my wife with tales of another brilliant death. Particularly the sadder ones, such as when I've escaped an enemy, clipped a fence, SURVIVED, then crashed just before the aerodrome because I cut my engine too soon and stalled out.

Article 16 in spades: I end up throwing away half my papers at work, because all my to do lists, notes and stats end up being escorted by German and British biplanes. Or even roundels.

Lastly, did I hear you have a bar?