Rather than continuing my trend of getting into it in other peoples build thread, I'll make a specific thread.

Currently AMD is planning a new CPU for 2016.
(there are rumors regarding type etc, I'll gather up some data).

My concern is with the new CEO and plan to dump the remainder of the Modulized CPU design to return to Serialized CPUs, etc.

The new CPU was supposed to be out in 2016, yet we have NO preliminary architecture schematics, no actual hard data, nothing on the chipset and AMD is still losing important staff members groups at a time.

Even with the APU contracts for MS, Sony, And Others for Consoles, theres no sign of a High End Gaming CPU in the future yet.

I can only continue to use PCIe 2.0 and DDR3 for so much longer, as DDR4 and PCIe3.0 become more mainstream on every other platform.

Along with chipset features becoming more and more outdated on the 990 Series.

My next build was to continue to be AMD, CPU, GPU etc.

But Right now it's not looking good future wise.

The Flagship GPUs coming up, with use of HBM stacked memory modules, will likely bring most AM3+ platforms to its knees due to dated I/O.

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