During this period, from Moscow came absolutely absurd recommendation to Fight "Shrike", by launching our missiles. I remember how some of the experienced gunners very accurately said that the order to shoot at the "Shrike" missile is like forcing gunners to shoot the bombs, not the aircraft.
One time, I still tried to track the "Shrike" after the start, but I saw on the screen only the initial time of his separation from the aircraft. A moment later, "Shrike" disappeared because it's reflecting surface is very small and, continuing his search, we have created the ideal conditions for its homing against our SNR. There we, as always, applying the correct, tested method: turn the antenna on azimuth plane and turn off the high voltage. After 10-15 seconds heard a sharp "clap" - overseas "guest" exploded a mile from us, flopping down into the jungle. So we did every time when the aircraft maneuvered in a particular manner, we see splash that marks the launch on the screen or on the report of the commander of the starting battery (who has been equipped with optical device, determined start "Shrike". Twice we were under fire from 2 "Shrike"-s, but they tried in vain - we are not easy prey.
Our experience in defeating the "Shrike" we tried to transfer to the Vietnamese comrades, but unfortunately, after our departure, they do not always strictly follow our, battle-tested recommendations. As a result, in November 1967, our 41st Division received the "Shrike" in the antenna cab "P". Operators (two men) were seriously injured. But our crews, observing elementary but effective measures to combat the anti-radar missiles had virtually no losses from them.
The strange thing is that those absurd recommendation (tracking and shooting the "Shrike" I met at the HQ anti-aircraft missile battalions after returning from Vietnam. You can only imagine what would have led to their execution in a combat situation.
Soon received a new order of command - during the combat readiness our specialist must leave the position. This meant that the Vietnamese payment received full "good" for independent combat work. We also had to come in August in Hanoi for traveling home.