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LOL that made me laugh dude! Rumplers,Rolands,GOTHA's WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!Sorry I have a few beers in me....

As for advice you need to stay moving.When you are flying towards enemy do not just fly towards them but jink and dive and roll and forget about pointing your nose at them and firing away and instead think of it as getting just a few bullets into them and rolling away to live another day.Right after my attack I then dive and then climb and then dive in a matter of what feels like a second.

They also regularly hit me when I'm maneuvering at a high angle off. If I'm not in a complete blind spot, I just expect to take a few bullets and hope that it's not to the face.

While a few bullet holes is to be expected, the AI gunners do tend to hit your pilot very quickly when they open up. In contrast, I have a helluva time killing a crewman. I've been having a campaign hit rate average of 19-20 percent lately. Does my shooting suck that much? wacky

(For Tech Reference)
i7-4770k Intel Processor @3.5Ghz, 16GB System RAM, GTX760 2GB video, 250GB SSD, 1TB HDD (with Win7-64 on it).