Looked through all my old photos in the album, couldn't find any of the Phantoms.
Did find more of the Skyhawks.
Maybe they wouldn't let us take them, the Phantoms, as they'd just come out, I don't remember.
I did fine more photos though;

The last one is me and another crewman, skiing on Mt Etna, when we were deployed to Sigonella, Sicily.
He was an instructor from New Hampshire, and taught me to ski, then we took a furlough to Austria, and skied the Alps. They did have a cable car on Mt Etna, but you had to walk the last bit to the top, the edge of the crater.
I remember you had to ski around the black volcano rocks, they were wicked on the skis.

Good thing I didn't stick around.
The mountain has since 'blown up'.... wink
I have more photos of the ski lodge.
That 'spot' is no longer there, and the ski lodge is also.....gone.

"Murphy's Law"