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It's not a movie where a lone tank takes on 20 Tigers and shoots while zooming around on one tread like a thrill show. driving

It's a very realistic movie in terms of their mission and outcome. Without giving too much away, they started with a group of Shermans and they are moving into a blocking position to stop a German force on the move. This is towards the very end of the movie. The Tiger combat is quick & sharp in the movie. It's not Tiger's everywhere. Really only one tank on tank combat scene out of the many combat sections of the movie.

Great movie, but the ending isn't a Hollywood ending of the good guys riding into the sunset. It's a war is hell, dirty, grim and the horrors of war flick. I didn't come out thinking war is fun, a great thing and let's all kill Germans and life is good.

I saw it at 3:50 PM and the place had mostly older people in their late 60's and older. After the movie ended there wasn't a single person talking. I followed a few of them out and they didn't say a single thing to their
wife as they walked thru the parking lot.

Said this before: "Dirty, grim and showed the horrors of war and the effects it has on the men who go to war."

PS: It's not a Kelly's Heroes in any shape or form wink

The Tiger scene was realistic, except no Tiger driver worth his salt would start driving towards multiple Shermans. That aside, I really enjoyed that scene.

But the final battle was ridiculous, there is NO way that would ever happen..

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