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New game or an expansion to something?

Also what's up with the lust for Newtonian physics in every new space game? Just curious, I never saw the attraction.

Agreed. The idea of fighters in space is out there too IMO, but if you're going to do it, fun should come before realism. Diaspora got it just right, a blended compromise.

In relation to flight physics. Not talking KSP with guns. I am talking about the ability for vectored flight. Aka evochron. I.e. have your "computer dampened" flight mode which gives you the arcadey flying through air in space feel. But also have the ability to add thrust in any direction whilst moving in another.

Its not hard. Its been in games for ages but adds a little more immersion, not that you have to enter that flight mode. I have not played diaspora or elite, so I can't make any compromises there.

As for being promised, well yes, CR and team have mentioned it, there is even key assignments with the word Newtonian in it, but its not there yet.

As for the ground portion of the fame, as far as I understand it that is being developed by a separate tam working in tandem with the development of the rest f the game.

Anyhow, great artwork, lets just hope the gameplay is a little more involved than the boring fly a plane in space mechanic


The only TRUE Stealth crowd funded game.

Devs said there was stuff there, but you just couldn't see it.