SAM Simulator is a "Realistic to the switch" simulation of obsolete Warsaw Pact SAM systems, fielded during the '60~80s (SA-2/3/4/5/8).
BUK (SA-11) is a much newer beast, no WarPact nation received it as the Cold War ended.

As internet sources suggests, a lone SOU (launcher and illuminator) could acquire and illuminate a slow moving target, and (unfortunately) independently kill it.
SOC (target acquisition radar) is the one that would do IFF check, if the system would be used properly.

BUK Order of Battle (based on internet sources)

HQ battery
- 9S470M1 KP (Battery command post)
- 9S18M1 SOC (Target acquisition radar), with IFF capability

3x firing battery
- 2x 9A310M1 SOU (self propelled launcher and target illuminator), with 4x 9M38M1 semi active guided missiles
- 1x 9A39M1 PZU (self propelled launcher) with 8x 9M38M1 semi active guided missiles

Order of actions:

1, The SOC acquires, and identifies targets.
2, The KP assigns targets to the SOUs.
3, SOU illuminates the target for the semi-active missiles to home on.
4, SOU or PZU launches the missile.

A kid can drive a formula one car on his PC easily. In real life, he could not start it at all.

SAMSIM is simplified SAM operation to be playable by one "hardcore" gamer.

In real life, 5~8 well trained people is needed to work parallel, to be able to launch and guide a missile.
(not mentioning mandatory system checks before switch on, adjustments, etc...)

Im not telling it is impossible to launch, as these SAM systems were designed to be operated by Soviet conscript soldiers...
... but I do not believe that without specific BUK system training, anybody could do it.

What is known is that the IFF check is done by the SOC, before target assignment. (it has a specific antenna for it)

The SOU has a small black-and-white TV screen, where the crew can see its target.
It is called "Karat".

SOC operating manuals are still available on Russian websites...
... but I would like to warn to the fact, that beside these manuals available, no UN-TRAINED person would be able to operate the BUK system.

You need ~5 trained people, to work together, to be able to acquire - illuminate a target, launch a missile, keep the target illuminated till missile impact.


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Free SAM Simulator, "Realistic to the Switch"

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