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What are dragon mechs like? I'm quite tempted to buy one! My fav mechs are catapults and jenners, I enjoy being mobile and trying flanking etc! I understand the ct is an issue which don't bother me as I own a 9m smile

Dragons are difficult but rewarding. Not too diff than a catapult with that big CT. Good speed. My favs are Fang or 5N with AC2 & AC5 on one arm and 2 Med Pulse on the other, or Flame with AC10 & 4 Med Las ( or gauss & 4 ML )

The 1C is an energy-heavy variant that runs PPCs nicely in a high ridge-humping friendly shoulder.

One of the trial mechs was set up with a Gauss in one arm and 2 Large Lasers on the other. Solid build, low heat and very usable.

The arm-mounted weaponry is the real advantage that the dragon has. Quick to aim and draw a bead on target, fire, and get out of the way.

They are very XL friendly like Catapults as they tend to get CT killed more often than not. XL300 should be minimum engine for any Dragon build. - that gets you 89 KPH after speed tweak.

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