Hello everyone! as you know, I have my own hind's cockpit project that stayed unfinished a year already. now I will be focused on finishing it, but I want to reach some new limit this time - start process of avionics unification. a lot of helicopter's instruments and devices are same both for russian and US helicopters, and I'm not talking about helis that you can control in the game, but about all real aircrafts. my idea is - it will be like kit, you are placing in the cockpit instruments or switches etc. and they will work without any code changes. of course there is will be old problems like adding new model in the code, but at least it will be not so painful (especially if this helicopter will be with advanced avionics).

I can see several cockpit projects in progress so I want to make a proposition - if you are making or improving cockpit for EECH I can make all code modifications that you need, I can help with scene creation as well. in exchange I will ask you to follow some rules so your cockpit will be suitable for my future plans. I'm talking about cockpit scene structure only - like switches, gauges, levers etc. and of course I will not tell what you shall do - you are the boss.

contact me if you are interested. don't ask about details =) I have just ideas right now, I should try to realize them to understand how it can work.




- clickable triggers for common keyboard shortkeys (no advanced MFD controls yet), clickable OH-58D cockpit is available.
- animated interactive objects for OH-58D cockpit, will works even if clickable_cockpit is disabled in EECH.INI
- full support of TrackIR, cockpit wideview and g-force head movement features
- configurable time delays and visual parameters for text hints
- manual cockpit light control for 3D cockpits (Ctrl+V keys, electrics should be turned on)
- dynamic light emitted by screens in the cockpits
- AH64D cockpit affected by environment lights instead of white static light
- minor changes (Kiowa and Viper TrackIR fix, EO visible range increased)

Click to reveal.. (Information for modders)



- beam riding and radio control missiles flight path (for AI helicopters there is no LOS or EO limits check), effectiveness against moving targets greatly decreased (depends on moving direction and speed)
- detonation radius for AGM114R set to 0, effectiveness against airborne targets decreased
- throttle control improved for all helis (except Hind) - it's more accurate if value more than 80% (make possible to avoid engines overheat and get maximum of available torque)
- new avionics level is added: Realistic; EO control limitations was removed from Simple (currently Novice) avionics level, so relative to Average level it gives some bonus for HIDSS/HMS target recognition range and some simplification in Hind's avionics
- manual laser control improved


- fully clickable and interactive Pilot's and Operator's cockpits
- advanced avionics: electrics, fuel, navigation, weapon systems. simulated Pilot's and Operator's sights and targeting systems. partially works: radio equipment, engine controls, hydraulics. read instructions for additional information (italic text means this feature is not implemented yet):


- critical threats (SAM, helicopters etc.), reported by copilot, also inserted in targets list

- new special hotkeys added. weapon keys also turns on/off all related to that weapon systems and master arm switch. Ctrl will enable systems, Alt - disable. it's not affect adjustments elements - like range and base knobs, reticle illumination etc. avionics hotkeys also has damage check function - if main electrics device is damaged auxiliary unit will be activated instead. for fuel system - leaking fuel tanks will be isolated.

Avionics hotkeys

Ctrl/Alt + E electrics
Ctrl/Alt + T radio and navigation systems
Ctrl/Alt + U fuel systems
F3 sight control mode
F4 map view mode
Ctrl + Num4/Num6/Num2/Num8 map caret control, works only in map view mode - F4

Weapon systems hotkeys

Ctrl/Alt + 1 Nosegun by Operator
Ctrl/Alt + 2 Nosegun by pilot
Ctrl/Alt + 3 Shturm missiles
Ctrl/Alt + 4 S-5 rockets
Ctrl/Alt + 5 S-8 rockets
Ctrl/Alt + 6 S-13 rockets
Ctrl/Alt + 7 UPK-23 cannon pods

Pilot sight control hotkeys

Ctrl + Numpad5 sight mode toggle (auto/manual)
Numpad3/Numpad9 manual range knob
Numpad1/Numpad7 target base knob
Ctrl + Numpad3/Numpad9 moving reticle illumination
Ctrl + Numpad1/Numpad7 static reticle illumination
Ctrl + Numpad2/Numpad8 manual vertical offset
Ctrl + Numpad4/Numpad6 manual horizontal offset
Ctrl + Numpad-/Numpad+ HUD glass height adjustment
NumpadDEL master arm switch toggle

Operator sight control hotkeys

Ctrl + Numpad5 altitude data switch toggle (radio altimeter/manual)
Numpad3/Numpad9 range knob
Numpad1/Numpad7 target base knob
Ctrl + Numpad2/Numpad8 sight vertical friction (sensitivity)
Ctrl + Numpad4/Numpad6 sight horizontal friction (sensitivity)
Ctrl + Numpad-/Numpad+ manual alt knob
NumpadDEL master arm switch toggle
NumpadMULTIPLIER lanscape type switch toggle
NumpadDIVIDE target type switch toggle
Alt + Numpad5 secondary sight (for oldschool gunners)

By SimonAlonso:



based on EECH 1.15.2FIX5 AND DX9 test version, so it has same features and issues.

please notice, that this mod has version index 1.15.4 so it will be not compatible with other versions in multiplayer game.


before install make special copy of the game for this mod - you will be not able to uninstall it anyhow. remember, that active EECH folder had to have same name that you choose before original EECH was installed. if you want to play one of the versions - name this folder properly.

download and run installer:


choose proper folder and press INSTALL. you can install it on 1.15.2 version only (FIX patches are not necessary).


not possible.


- Engines can not be started if rotor brake is engaged
- Shutoff fuel valve handle was used instead rotor brake in OH-58D cockpit
- Cursor in clickable cockpit disappears when any sight system is active, you can turn it back with Shift+DEL keys.


- AH64D Apache advanced avionics (based on Arneh's mod)
- AH64D Apache cockpit high-resolution textures (shared by cockpits.nl)
- UH-60 Blackhawk cockpit (by Soczkien)
- Projectile weapons for Mi-6 "HOOK" and Ka-29 "HELIX"
- Infantry mod included
- Advanced controls configuration page
- Engines throttle control is possible with joystick axis
- High Detailed Trees mod included (with collision calculations)

By SimonAlonso:

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