At the risk of facing infinite ridicule, I am going to post this here:

Awesome 8V

I had long considered the 8V to be the weakest of the AWS mechs, but in my pointless quest to own & master all 6 Awesomes, I came up with a build that works well and is fun to boot. With a STD300 engine it's fairly cheap to build as well ( relatively speaking )

Despite the 2 PPCs, this thing is a brawler. Need to get up close to unleash the SRMs and Large Pulse Laser. PPCs just to give you something to do while you plod toward the enemy at 66 KPH. And, a Head Flamer because, well... HEAD FLAMER! It's cool!

I suppose the more practical Mechwarrior would drop the flamer for another double heat sink.

Robots are stealing my luggage.