Cheers guys, here's a few more from the vaults:

Some more messing about on Orangeleaf in 2008:

This is my reaction when I find somebody has taken all the 24mm combination spanners and not put them back in the right place when they've finished:

"My" engines - a couple of Crossley Pielstick PC2 engines. These are only 7,500HP each, not the biggest. My last ship I was looking after a 23,500HP engine about the size of a large house. That was some pretty big stuff, impressive climbing around inside it.

Down in between the engines. Not a place you want to take your ear defenders off. It's pretty noisy.

Pretty self explanatory. Only 3,300 wigglies. Back in 2010 I got to see water cooling out of a 6,600V propulsion converter cabinet. A 300m ship and they used cheap plastic fittings for the water cooling on the propulsion converters.

This pic was taken as we arrived in Norfolk Naval Base - I thought it might be cool to get me in a pic with USS George H.W. Bush and USS Enterprise, one carrier just starting out its career and the other just ending it. I think the LHD on the far left is USS Kearsarge.

And finally back to Orangeleaf for the 2012 refit..... This was in the Cammel Laird shipyard in Birkenhead. Apparently this drydock is haunted because it was cut out of the graveyard of the old Birkenhead Priory, lots of disturbed medieval graves and all that jazz: