A few pics from over the years...

Me looking rather young on my first ever trip at sea in 2004:

Another shot from my first time away:

Fast forward to 2007, my first time at sea as a qualified marine engineer officer in charge of the watch (Falklands and South Atlantic):

Then on to something a little more modern in 2008, this was in the Persian Gulf on the Orion 08 deployment, the first time a Wave Class had deployed east of Suez:

Then back to an old museum piece again. In the last ten years I've sailed on three ships of this class. This particular one I've spent 14 months of my life on. They're best described as "character building":

This last one is from 2010. This pic was taken the morning we arrived back in the UK after the Auriga '10 deployment to the US. These were the engineer officers who took Largs Bay on her last deployment flying British colours before she was sold to the Royal Australian Navy (the guy on the left is in his civvies because he's just about to walk down the gangway and go home on leave, lucky bugger!):