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Sorry I missed it Hpasp scuseme

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I am missing the point of the discussion - SAM performance against STEALTH in SAM Sim or in real word? It should not have a difference! wink

In a perfect world, yes Simulation and Real values would be equal. But in the real (and imperfect) world we know or should know that Simulations values are compromises between real values and "guessed" values (due to a number of factors/reasons) which means that often the values we have in simulations are not or cannot be exactly the real ones.

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P.S. Here already have some calculations - about F-117 we got 0.0017 sqr. meters.

I would say that your value makes perfect sense. If we round that value we have for the F-117 something like 0.002 which is lower than the F-35 0.006 RCS value, which concurs with "official" sources. The B-2 RCS should be lower than the F-117 but I don't have an idea what is its RCS.