Also one additional comment for the RCS debate...
... when you are reducing the RCS, through a certain level, the detection range will not change so much...

Neva SNR detection range:

10sqr m - 80km* (bigger fighter)
1sqr m - 80km* (smaller fighter)
0,1sqr m - 10 sqr dm - ~50km (football)
0,01sqr m - 1 sqr dm - ~25km (tennis ball)
0,001sqr m - 10 sqr cm - ~15km (golf ball)
0,0001sqr m - 1 sqr cm - ~10km (dice)
0,00001sqr m - 10 sqr mm - ~5km (carbine bullet)

*limited by maximum displayed range

... so there is no point reducing it further of a point.
This is why newer US planes were designed with bigger RCS, but better flight performance.

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