For the S-200VE Vega (SA-5B) RPC with 0.7deg, MHI mode (!!!) SAMSIM calculates with the following detection ranges if the target P=0:

F-117A real - 50km
F-117A simulated at Ashuluk - 100km
B-2A - 40km
MiG-21MF - 300km

PS: Please do not ask sources, its my educated guess only.
(Estimated target RCS is based on verbal accounts of those, who were operating real radars against real targets)

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Free SAM Simulator, "Realistic to the Switch"

(U-2 over Sverdlovsk, B-52's over Hanoi, F-4 Phantoms over the Sinai, F-16's and the F-117A Stealth bomber over the Balkans.)

Book from the author - Soviet Nuclear Weapons in Hungary 1961-1991