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It would be REALLY NICE if you do bother to share it here.... yep

It's not a "bother" but a pleasure to share it. wink
Unfortunally, I couldn't find the original article that I was initially talking about (can't find the magazine) but fortunally I found another article in another magazine (this one called "Air International") which while a little bit less informative (since it kinda center on the F-117 recent retirement) it basically says the same things that I mentioned before with only a little difference - According to this article the F-22 is a little bit less stealthy than the F-117 but it still says that the B-2 is the stealthiest of all US Stealth aircraft and the F-35 the least stealth (albeit probably more stealth than the F-117 in the front arc).

Anyway here the 4 page article that I could find on the subject (I hope you like):