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At the same time, they will be 'escorted' by airborne decoys giving you false targets to shoot at.

If you are facing someone who's operating F-22/35, F-18E/F, EF2000 or Rafale, you have huge incoming problems, because they really have the money to make your defenses look like a circus.

Think USAF vs. Iraqi IADS.

Bit offtopic here, but the capability you mention here (decoys - ODS), are long ago lost by the US.
No decoys were used in 99 OAF.

Jamming was not so strong (NAVY EA-6B had to cover USAF planes, as the EF111 were scrapped).

Technology designed in the '50s(!!!) were able to kill the most advanced US jet of 99.

One of my reason why I developed SAMSIM, is to show you (military enthusiast of the west) how dangerous these SAM's can be if you do not take them seriously enough.

(One of a US Electronic Warfare officer compared them to a Samurai Sword...
... hopelessly outdated technology, but still as deadly as ever)

I agree with GrayGhost. Jamming and how it's employed is one of those many factors/variables that makes real wartime scenarios very different from peace time training/exercises scenarios.

Don't forget that countries such as US (at least the US Navy) and Australia (among other countries) will still really on jamming aircraft in the future, in the case of the US Navy and Australian Air Force (RAAF) with the F/A-18G Growler.

Also don't forget that modern aircraft equipped with AESA radars such as the F-22 and F-35 will have self standoff jamming capabilities using their AESA radars (and on board jamming equipment of course).