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I can assure you that TOR-M1 can easily wipe out them including Paveway and JDAM !

Also according to the Russians, the Mig-29 should be able to wipe out F-16s, F/A-18s and even F-15s - reality was very diferent tho!

A low cost glider with low-signature (so called stealth designed) to be difficult target for TOR-M1 ?

I would love my country to have a possible threat with the same analysis/approach like you do .

My confidence for TOR-m1 is not coming from Russians but from the real capabilities of the systems which we use in real world for more than 12 years ...

Well, I could also say that I would hate to see my countries (I "have" two) armed forces underestimate enemy threats and overestimate their own capabilities like you do.