Howdy and thanks smile

I painted it with some cheap acrylic paints that Home Depot had in the paint section. I tried to spray paint it first but that was taking forever so I switched over to the acrylics and it worked great with a roller.

The Saitek panels work with FSX, P3D, and XP10. I have heard that there is a third party library that is attempting to make them look like joysticks but I don't know how far along that is. I think the goal is to get it to work with DCS.

The map app is my own app called FlightMap.

The gauge app is called FlightGauge and I'm working hard to get it released. The 7 inch tablet version has been finished for a while but the 10 inch version has taken some time to get completed. You can find out more about both on my blog here:

Here's a quick little video of the apps in use.

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