So earlier i was playing F4AF on my 2008 iMac with bootcamp.
Needless to say, that computer was equipped with a very bad Graphics card but still i could run AF on 1920x1080 without any noticable stutter/lag escept for occationally on crowded airfields.

Now a few weeks ago I bought a new PC, its not a very powerful unit but its way more powerful then the iMac, and carries a much better Graphics card.
Without listing all the specs, just know that in every aspect this new comp is better equipped.

Yet even on 1280, with all Graphics turned down to minimum, i cant get AF to run smooth?

This is really bothering me, I cant understand how this is even possible. All other games run perfectly fine and and performs as expected, drivers and such are all up to date and I got no processes hogging up in the background.

The only diff softwarewise is that i bought Ayed pits and installed them, something i cant Believe to have an impact on performance.
What am I missing here?

Thankful for advice and tips on where to start tweaking this.