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Yes, you need assign keys for (In Options > Controls > Views)

"Manned position #3"

to jump for rear gunner position

and of jump back to pilot seat:

"Manned position #1"

and for jump to bombardier seat:

"Manned position #2"

Dont use

"Change manned position" that jump sequentially between pilot/bombardier/gunner... position.

Why? Because online human player always occupies two crew positions, typically pilot and bombardier.

Due this if you jump for gunner position and then for pilot position, these two positions are reserved for human player, that means that AI dont re-assume the rear gunner again.
Despite AI gunner is not useful against enemy fighters (online his skill is set in Rookie), he call for bandits. smile

So, Jump for gunner, and for go back to pilot seat, jump for bombardier first.

To use rear turret is need:

Unpark the turret (Options > Controls > Turret > assign key for "Toggle Park Position")
Lean to gunsight (Shift + F1)
Turn independent mode (F-10) to allow mouse control the aim.

Is advisable increase mouse speed in Conf.ini to 1.5 ~2.0 for more easy MG control (1).

Turret automatically recharge ammo drums, in Blenheim this take 14 seconds.

And finally the "gunner trauma".

During SoW development someone/group ask/lobby (I suspect UbiZ00 crows smile ) for reduce gunner effectiveness (they are PK in il-2'46 when "parked" on bombers rear six smile ) and that the gunner should not be able to shoot during plane maneuvers.

Due this CloD dev's made the mistake of limiting the ability of the gunner (AI or human) to shoot if plane are moving above 5 m/s on vertical plane, the machine gun locks. Information posted in Sukhoi forum for formerly MG programmer.

Opera's resume: Need practice and luck to effective use rear gunner online.

(1) In Fiat Br.20 the rear turret are powered, due this is not designed to be controlled by mouse, is need use joystick to move the in X and Y axis (use a key to modify joystick axis, e.g Tab + Joystick axis X). Properly set this result in the best turret control seem in simulators.


That is one very detailed reply Sokol. You are fantastic with the amount of help you provide. It makes me want to go off and fly Blenheim gunner missions!


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