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Some great pics of my fellow lurkers.

You look a lot like the guy from the show Catfish

Don't forget to post an 'after' photograph when the beards off!

Ehrrrr... I've got to use my best Used-Cars-Salesman voice...

Well, when I mentioned shaving, I never actually mentioned CLOSED-SHAVING.
I just trimmed it.

A LOT. I mean for me is some sort of a big deal.
Wife still waiting me to finish the job. :P

Picture coming soon.

Click to reveal..

"It takes forever +/- 2 weeks for the A-10 to get anywhere significant..."

"Ha! If it gets him on the deck its a start!"

"What people like and what critics praise are rarely the same thing. 'Critic' is just another one of those unnecessary, overpaid, parasitic jobs that the human race has churned out so that clever slackers won't have to actually get a real job and possibly soil their hands."