This is one of the best nerd rage posts I have ever seen!

Battle Smurf BattleSmurf
Posted: 9:17pm Oct 29, 2013
Apparently Ben just sent someone an email saying that the Scythe and Idris M would go back on sale before LTI cut off. This is total #%&*$# as they have repeatedly from day 1 stated that the scythe in particular would never go back on sale. I waited for 8 months on the waiting list and contacted concierge repeatedly and was always told the same thing 500 scythes only if someone melted I might get a chance to buy.

Because of this I went and paid double the Price for my Scythe 600$ and NOW after getting MILLIONS upon MILLIONS past funded (they would hit 30 million easy by January without releasing the scythe/idris m) they come here and say its going back on sale for 300$? Its not about ME WANTING NO ONE ELSE TO HAVE THE SHIP. Its that I was TOLD REPEATEDLY for 8 Fracking months the only way I could get a scythe with insurance (not just lti but insurance period) was to get my hands on one of the original 500. This just cost me 300$ based on me TRUSTING CIG as a company.

Talk about a #%&*$# cash grab! I could see if they needed more money to fund the game but THEY DO NOT.

IF this happens CIG has officially gone back on its word on every single sale they have ever made to us and can no longer be trusted.

If this happens I would like a full refund and I believe I deserve an apology.


I spent almost 2 grand on this game. I didn't #%&*$# when all the other "limited" ships that I had previously bought kept getting put back on sale repeatedly, but this is one thing I cannot tolerate.

Hopefully the OP is trolling about his email from Ben Lesnick. Because I will be FURIOUS.


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