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Here is the Jaeger build I was running last night...


2 lbx10 (6 tons ammo)
4 mlas
300xl (82 kph w/ tweak)

Very first shot from this mech kill Clydewinder. At that point I knew I had something. It is a decent all around mech but shines against mechs with armor damage. Lbx has a crit bonus.


After Feet's success the other night with crazy damage, I figured I had to give this a shot. I didn't want to tear down my Jager, so I put it on a K2. Still soft in the CT & cockpit, being a catapult so probably not as effective, but it still did a ton of damage. Had a good time with it, so I'll probably be running this build on my K2 for quite a while. I had dual AC10's at one point with 4xML, but this seems more effective since the heat is better so more ML firing and that crit bonus.


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