Here's a really good HBK-4P build I've stumbled into when I finally decided to elite my Founder's Hunchie, it turns out the 4P I bought to help do that has become one of my favorite mechs with a ghost-heat modified Swayback config:

19 DHS

Been using it the last few days with two fire groups, one with the 4xML in the torso, and one with 3xML in the arms/head which swivel, and I just alternate the two fire groups with a slight delay to avoid ghost heat, with the new increased torso twist in the Hunchie you can shoot Jenners and Spiders that chase you, and this really packs alot of damage 200-400avg rounds with a couple of 800-900 lucky rounds. Also with SpeedTweak it runs at 98kph.

You can substitute one or two ML for DHS depending on how hot you are comfortable running it, for me 7 seems to be perfect balance to rarely overheat even in a furball, but if you are more disciplined the 9xML config packs even more punch.

i7-7700k@4.5ghz, GTX1080Ti,BenQ XL2420G-g-sync,Oculus Rift