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As you probably know, (or not, depending on how long you've been around here) I created the IDF mod for the last patch, but I ran into a few problems, namely my irrational fear of notepad.

That is no more.

I present, Whukid's "Bored out of his mind in 29 palms" mod for the latest patch to SABOW. It doesn't work with anything, so don't ask. It also isn't a serious mod, persay. I'm seeing how much I can get away with, but it turns out that the game is ridiculously fun with all these new changes, so I'm sharing it.

-Outfitted with MG3's instead of M73/M85
-Rod's M68 gun characteristcs
-New badass paint scheme (patchy 3)

-MG3 instead of M2HB. In theory, anyway. The model is still there
-New badass paintscheme

-MG3 and M2HB
-Again with the paintschemes

-now appears as Germany
-Infantry now wears a version of Fallschimjager camo circa 1943. Much too lazy to finish the Bundeswehr camo from the 60's.
-Outfitted with G3's
-Tank crews carry K98's
-RATEL added.
-T-55 added.
-new helmets, and field caps for infantry

-Whole new set of units for Germany (formerly IRan)

NOTE: the T-55 plt doesn't show up on the "place your units" map. The icon doesn't seem to want to work. It doesn't really change anything, besides making i easy to forget if you placed them or not.

For best results, use on Rhodesian map, however they don't look bad on the desert ones.

Download link