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I'm not going to "invest" much time in my replies either because it doesn't take a genius to spot a circle-jerk from 24 inches away. I'll save us both the hassle.

I will, however, answer your last three questions.

...and maybe. (I wouldn't recommend just a generic DC-9 if I know nothing about it..I know Dino's work and I have no idea if the DC-9 you are referencing would be worth recommending..)

Tl:dr - Sounds like you hate how you spend your free time. Me, not so much. But good luck anyway.


Apologies to the OP for the thread hijack. I'd still like to check out the B1900 because it does so closely resemble what I fly..


I knew this was pointless when I read:
"The basic issue is the question of how a freeware developer can survive in a community that's not even content with the already very good payware."

I don't know how anyone "survives" developing freeware period. Anyone who sees it as "survival" is already in the wrong frame of mind.

Heritic, if your seriously this upset over the current state of affairs, quit. Just up and quit developing. It seems like you're not enjoying this. Honestly I was actually pretty interested to see your Dornier come to light, but if it's causing that much trouble you won't offend me if you drop the project. The world won't stop moving forward, so stop expecting it to.

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