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Imagine you're pouring hundreds of hours into a flightsim model. You wrap it up idiot-proof, you upload it to the usual places, you don't stick a price tag on it. You expect at least a bit of recognition*. It does not materialize. So you try again. Models with a pricetag seem to be pretty popular, so you step up your game for the next round. Less sleep, more polys, more high res textures, more risk of a burnout**, sure can do. Should make for an accomplishment.
And then you read that the payware companies, already two steps ahead of you, should add yet another step.
The bad thing is, that there is money involved so the pricetaggers are more inclined to actually listen.
And you just sit there, already knowing that you barely stand a chance to get your "made someone happy" badge and your chance is getting even more slim.

It's like being the mentally disabled kid handing someone a drawing made with passion and getting shoved aside without even a faked "Well done." because another kid did a 90% accurate replica of the Mona Lisa at its parents' insistence.
But they want to have a 95% version of said replica before they will buy a print even though the differences are hardly notable.
And the worst thing is, that the amount of people with that attitude is way too high. Other flightsim forums are basically flooded with payware talk.
Announce the release of a freeware weather engine? One page of replies. At best. An early announcement of a new payware weather engine with 10% faster weather injection compared to the freeware one, a more "accurate" fog layer display and 50 customization options that no one ever uses. For $50 or more. The result? Five pages. At least. Rumours about your favourite payware company. Twenty pages. Preview of a freeware plane. Two pages.

Keeping that in mind...I don't understand what drives you people to want more of everything.
You're playing a simplified consumer flight simulator on a desktop PC in your [room] and all the high res textures and systems in the world won't compensate for that. You don't even have the smell of AVGAS or Jet-A or the stomach-shaking acceleration or the ability to view exactly your house from above and everything else that makes real flying special. So what's the point whether or not a switch actually does something?
Are you such bad pilots that you *need* systems and failures to make you operate the aircraft within stated limitations and checklists? Is your imagination so utterly dumbed down or dead that you need everything chiseled into stone, accounted for, pre-chewed, pre-swallowed and pre-digested?
Isn't keeping it simple actually better than slowly working towards a sim engine/hardware/monetary overload?
Why do you think the out of memory issue, pretentious talk about virtual address space limits, pseudo-remedy tweaks, cries for a new MSFS and complaints about low framerates correlates with praise for ever more detailed add-ons?
I don't get it.
I just don't.

Yes, this was basically a "BAWWWWWWWW" post. Send some tissues my way.

*Recognition is the equivalent to money for freeware.
** It exists, especially for freeware.