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Still trying to figure out what your argument is.

Stop. Trying. To. Have. Companies. Always. Kick. #%&*$#. Up. A. Notch.

It will all come back to bite me in the end.

What good is doing free stuff if no one's using it because you didn't model compressor blade heating?
And what advantage do I get when I actually implement compressor blade heating when it's an add-on standard anyway?

Wait, are you serious? No one said anything complaining about free stuff. There will ALWAYS be a 'market' for free stuff!

And frankly, if constant progression is something that frustrates you, software development (Pro or hobby) might not be for you.

In any event, I'm willing to meet devs half way. I don't need compressor blade heating exactly modeled, but I'm tired of being able to redline my engine everywhere and not being punished for it. I think a great example here is the Aerosoft Twin otter X extended. Sure, you can run the turbines hot on a short take off roll, maybe even a bit to climb out above some mountains, but if you keep it up YOU WILL blow an engine. We need to move this area of the hobby forward a bit.

I'm willing to bet Beach doesn't firewall the throttles on takeoff and leave them there till final approach. He manages power, pushing engines when called for (short field take off, climbing over weather or terrain, dog fighting rouge C208's, etc.) and pulls back.

I think I'm being fair here. My general issue with Carenado, is I see lots of people say they're "moving up in the world." I guess I just see them making bigger planes, not bigger products. If that's what they want to stick to, that's their prerogative versus my money.

*Ok, I'll be honest, I'm still a sucker for a pretty looking airplane, I'll probably still buy this thing.*

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