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Still trying to figure out what your argument is.

Stop. Trying. To. Have. Companies. Always. Kick. #%&*$#. Up. A. Notch.

It will all come back to bite me in the end.

What good is doing free stuff if no one's using it because you didn't model compressor blade heating?
And what advantage do I get when I actually implement compressor blade heating when it's an add-on standard anyway?

I think most of us have different levels of expectations for freeware vs payware, at least I do, especially on the top end of pricy payware.

So unless you are trying to compete with the top-end $40-$80 payware (which normally includes deeper systems modeling) I don't think you need to worry about the systems modeling competition with them.

In the $20 payware area is where freeware sometimes competes well, usually there is limited systems modeling if any at all in that type of payware, so the difference from lovingly detailed freeware is not much if both have quality modeling, textures and FDE, I don't see that changing currently in that $20 bracket, other than from a couple of developers (Ants Airplanes, Sibwings etc) that do some systems modeling, most other payware in that $20 bracket is just a model/textures/panel with basic FSX systems.

That was my original point above, Carenado used to be in that $20 bracket where lack of systems was expected and fine, but now that they are in the $40-$45 bracket, my expectations are higher, and they are starting to pale in comparison with others in the same pricepoint (F1, A2A, RealAir etc.) and I say that not to bash them but in the hope that they raise their game or partner with someone to provide the systems modeling that these high end GA models deserve.

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