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Are you really giving a high-priced, complex plane the flying time necessary to justify the extra money and effort that went into it? Or are you jumping ship on the next release anyway and leave it dusting away in the hangar?

If they loaded it up once, went through a full start-up and shutdown procedure, then shelved it, yet feel they got a good value out of it, then what do you care? Your same argument for lightly modeled aircraft being of value to you works for them regardless of how much time they spend with it.

Although I'm not flying FSX very much these days I can take the argument over to the DCS A-10C. Paid $50 for it and even though I'm not as proficient in it as most guys around I still get amazed when I hit a switch or button I didn't know existed and something new happens. Complex aircraft have more layers of discover than non-complex ones, but that doesn't make either any more or less enjoyable. But to model complexity costs money - thus the price point.

Still trying to figure out what your argument is.