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Can't you guys take any "exceptional" models as they are and not make them a new standard?

If I was a payware developer, I would be utterly turned off by such comments as I would have to pour even more work into an aircraft without ever being able to raise prices to compensate for the extra effort in turn.

Maybe you are reading things too defensively, nobody is bashing the exceptional models, all I said is I want systems modeling along with the eyecandy...

I own plenty of Carenado payware including the recent SR22 and C90, and all I am saying is I hope they add actual systems modeling with their newer aircraft.

Just eyecandy was great when Carenado aircraft cost $25 (C185 etc), but if you compare their recent costs which is much higher then it doesn't compare so well with the competition. For example the Carenado B200 costs $40 and is eyecandy only, while the Flight1 B200 costs $60 and includes a full G1000 model, engine damage and wear, icing etc, then you can see where Carenado's lack of systems modeling pales in comparison, especially since the F1 B200 has exceptional modeling and textures too.

It's a free market, and as a paying customer who buys these I'm free to share my opinion, I hope the payware developer is indeed turned off by my comments and does something about it to include systems modeling in their next aircraft, I actually want to buy a Carenado aircraft with systems modeled...

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