Well I always use it for BVR combat. With NCTR I don't see why you wouldn't want to. Inside visual range I always use the CAC modes (bore, vertical/band, wide, helmet, etc) to manually designate visually. Auto seems to be slower and more innaccurate for close in. I'm more likely to lock onto a friendly with it or it simply takes too long for the contacts to appear on the MFD/radar screen at all. I just find it so odd that within TWS you can't just cycle between MFD contacts like you would in AG mode in Flanker. That was just a weird-ass design choice by the Russians. Oh well, as long as an AWACs is up I'm fairly content with it...though it would have been nice to be able to cycle forward and back instead of just forward.

Any ideas on my anti aliasing issue? The darn thing switches off after every mission. So strange.

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