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The blips on the HUD you're chasing after disappear and reappear with the radar scans. I'm starting to get more use to it. I'm pretty frustrated with how my ATI is acting finicky with antialiasing. Sometimes it works, mostly it doesn't. Not sure what's going on. Looks great with it on, but so jagged and crappy with it off. I can get it to work on the first mission I fly, but after I die or any next mission it's off. If I go out of the game and come back it works, but not on saved campaigns after I've loaded it. As far as auto acq, most American fighters have had that for years, along with the ability to cycle through targets and use NCTR to find which ones aren't good guys. I use it in JF-18 all the time. Rarely do I ever use the TDC except for ground targets. If the blips didn't blink out and appear somewhere else or if you had a TDC on the MFD, then I could be more content. The little triangles stay lit and stable on the HUD constantly, but unfortunately you can't select air targets that way. I'm also a having trouble declassifying missions within the campaign after the initial one, or even changing the loadout, for that matter. For some reason I have to go into Flight-Choose Phase to get to the next mission. And the only option in that window is Run. Weird. Oh, and the landing problem appeared to be related to running in XP. In 98SE and XP with 98/ME emulation the spontaneous landing explosions are gone and the text boxes in the map screen have come back. So a lot of the problems stemmed from good all XP...again.
Yep, I know most Western fighters have had auto for years.
But as I said, not for bvr combat \:\)