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Poor *******s. Well, it's no fun trying to fight like that. BVR becomes nothing more than a frantic chase between the disappearing target blips and your TDC. You mentioned that you'll be out turned if you try and dogfight? I haven't encountered that except with F-16's. With all the other fighters I seem to easily get them close enough to use the 73 with the helmet sight. I sure am glad when I've unloaded most of my missiles, though. You have insane inertia when you're fully loaded.
You really shouldn't need auto lock for bvr. For that matter, none of the conventional (of any nation) fighters in service today have it; it's made for visual fights, (you better be sure of your target if you're going to rely on autolock, i.e.) not bvr.
Don't know about jets like the F-22, etc.

If the blips are disappearing, you need to move your radar cone around and find them again.